Disappointed with sentence To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
February 26, 2002

I was flabbergasted when I read the Stabroek News of Sunday, 17th February, 2002 of a man that was sentenced to 6 years for beating his wife to death. I am so angry at this unsatisfactory verdict. How can this be? How can a man who committed murder in the most brutal fashion only be given 6 years behind bars and get off scotch-free after those years?

This is insane! What is our judicial system turning into? Then, at the end of the article I read that Justice La Bennette, who handed the sentence, told the convict that since he had shown remorse and spoken the truth, she would impose a six-year sentence on him and that she advised him to desist from flogging women and consuming alcohol.

Yeah right! That is so lame! How can this magistrate do this? More stern sentences are needed to be handed down to these people. With sentences like these, the system is telling men out there "hey, go and beat some woman to death.... only 6 years await you".

The system doesn't work anymore. I'm disappointed in Justice La Bennette's decision