What you sow is what you reap To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
February 16, 2002

In finding solutions to conscious disturbances at personal and interpersonal levels, the truthful servant searches his soul instead of staring "others".

The famous saying, almost religiously held, in some of the most unexpected religious circles, is 'they should have respected me too!' But have we forgotten the reality of relationships is not a blowing wind, left at the mercy of a singular force far from visionary, but the "two hands clapping" phenomenon is what life is generally filled with? What you sow is what you reap! Therefore life is too short not to prepare for one's journey with the little provisions of sincerity on the long winding road of less-fault-finding Faith!

When the leaders will begin to want to smell the rat, oddly not of side trackers, but of the genuine needs of a far less fortunate-ruled subject, the Grace of Allah will undoubtedly descend into the very sealed crevices of ignorance and en masse disobedience. People will obey man if they are made to obey their first master-The Almighty Creator. Speaking to departing Hajjis recently brought to mind that training in obedience is no longer a military discipline or a Jamaat routine but the very essence of Worship is discipline- either respect is due to the Amir and the least to God all times, the Grand Ruler of All Imams. Malcolm X gave us that, way before the secrets of intelligent Shabazz's metaphysics could make the Hollywood, that the knees that were programmed to kneel at gross violation have now been revolutionized into the humble lamb prostrating in front of the Divine Master. This is what we want, not organized noise anarchy with blood spilling rhetoric.

Now Mash is Guyanese carnage of Real-time Culture and Morality. Brother Cuffy and Ata most definitely are twirling in distress to witness this disguised insult receiving stupendous billions of sweaty cents. If the minibus victims could be resurrected, and that will be come hell or high water, the secrets of ego being carried to its tasty damnation would equally reveal that those who tirelessly live to enhance bodily beauty and revel in sinful parades are the worst creatures, devouring themselves and generations in the bottom less pit of no return.

Unsatisfied desires is punishment by itself, isn't it?

I have travelled recently across the Demerara and Berbice belt, with friends and tutors alike, and it seems like if the Abraham sacrifice has been forgotten, if not date and names, at least morale and history. He wasn't Christian since He came before Christ and neither Jew as he was a forerunner to Moses but neither the mad rush for meat and fame makes the extremely- enthusiastic Muslims the rightful owner of the Father of all three religions either. Genesis 19 helps us with that and Muhammad, on whom be peace, ate of the sacrifice by merely drinking a soup from the 100 slaughtered camels, prepared a few bits only. That was when it was done, not even like the modern day Thanksgiving offering, but singularly with the poor-deserving nations in mind. Today, thanks to Saudi generosity, Africa and Asia still receive tons of frozen Qurbani airlifts, almost immediately.

Wouldn't we learn quick enough? Bucket ah go well everyday, one day his bottom will drop out! And so too will others come to replace the negligent adherents of Abraham. Share your portions apart from the usual community, and witness for yourself practically, how just was this sacrifice meant to be.

As it is, the Islamic World celebrates wildly, the personal victories of sleepless nightly cricket while exploding balls continuously wreak political defeat, not military, in murderous drama around the very corner. "He is not from us who doesn't worry about this affair of ours", was the salient message of the Prophet of Islam, who will be visited again, for the 1412th time since his living death by some 2 million pilgrims, with fervour and cold tears. However, Sir Iqbal reminds us, that it is the hot tears of the Believer that boils the veins to perpetual struggle!

May Allah save this nation, while bringing the spirit of Abraham and Cuffy alive, into our active midst.
Malcolm Ali