Re: Football training facility a reality To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
February 15, 2002

THE timely and well-constructed editorial headlined “Sports may be the answer” published in the Guyana Chronicle on Tuesday, February 5, 2002, has raised pertinent points with the most important being “the administration and organisation of sports has to be done in a more scientific and professional manner.”

More recently, there have been reports that Guyana may lose the football stadium, which FIFA will fund, because of administrative bungling somewhere down the line.

However, from all indications there still remains a public misconception over the construction of a stadium/training facility.

Moreover, in the absence of land which to date the government has not indicated its willingness to donate or lease following the September fiasco last year, “While Nero fiddles Rome burns.”

And the seemingly estranged relationship between the Sports ministry and the Guyana Football Federation executive will do no good for the sport because FIFA will not wait forever for a written commitment from government to make land available.

This brings me to the essential point of administrative bungling that has once more raised its ugly head in sport.

A typical example is the supposed merger of the Georgetown Cricket Club and the Georgetown Football Club, with the latter taking a back seat to be consumed in the sands of time.

From a historical perspective GFC remains the nation’s oldest football club, which will be observing its centenary anniversary this year. Hence, should GFC be consumed?

Likewise, the GFF, one of the oldest national associations in the Caribbean region is sadly without a ground that is suitable to facilitate international football while also not offering a venue conducive to scientific training along professional lines.

Finally, since neither of the two parties will want to accept the responsibility of the failures at UG last September, in the interest of nationhood they should both sit down and resolve all issues towards enhancing the construction of the training facility.

Both sides can agree to appoint a watchdog committee, to ensure the accountability, transparency and professionalism remain the order of the day.

Or, the GFF can go alone and purchase its own land.
Lester Sealey