Is Guyana ready for a stadium? To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
February 9, 2002

A football stadium or any other stadium may or may not be very important to us Guyanese. We cry out that there is a lot that is needed to develop sports in this country and a stadium may be able to help us get everything into perspective. This could be true.

In my opinion however, we are not ready. A lot of planning is necessary to see a project such as a stadium come off the ground.

Some of the first considerations when planning the construction of a stadium are:

How many persons will be able to use the facility at any one time?

Who are some of the possible users of the stadium?

What is the most ideal location?

What is the projected cost?

How will financing be acquired?

Duration of Construction

What are the responses from the potential beneficiaries?

How well used will the stadium be?

How many international events will the facility be able to attract?

How will it be designed?

The idea is we donít build a stadium overnight. So the rush associated with this stadium to be built shortly scares me into thinking it will be like one of our mall projects, which did not live up to expectations, and in no way resembles or comes near to a mall in the Caribbean or overseas.

The Ministry of Cultureís exemption from playing a pivotal role in this project should tell people that we are not ready to undertake such an endeavour. In the first place there is no one with specific responsibility to oversee the construction of the project.

This feedback is enough to suggest that we are not ready for a national stadium. Mind you, the idea is a fabulous idea, but an idea alone canít get things done.

The Minister must be commended for the way in which she has dealt with the entire situation. I feel that at the appropriate time, Guyana will acquire a football stadium.