FACE THE FACTS: To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
February 7, 2002

It has not gone two weeks that I wrote a letter about " TIME FOR SERIOUS THINKING ". In this article I made specific reference to vehicles that are mechanically designed - as a mattter of fact, all vehicles are designed mechanically to carry certain weights. My article was proven beyond reasonable doubt with the most recent accident involving another Mini bus, this time, and as on many occasions, involving school children who are the innocent sufferers and to the extent, the loss of our much needed future human resources.

Can we afford this? The answer is " NO ". Are the competent authority(s) doing or trying to do something to abort this situation? The answer is "YES " Are there, apart from those who seem to be very much concerned with the present state of affairs assisting in addressing the situation? The answser is "NO". What we are seeing and hearing is those who seemed very much concerned, sitting on the fence and enjoying themselves, much to their amusement of abusing the Police and those who are trying to address the situation.

The recent accident involving the Minibus was solely caused by overweight and defected tyres combined with speeding, which in my opinion was the irresponsible behaviour of the driver of the vehicle trying to make as many trips as he can. I again wonder whether the bus was carrying a Boom Boom Box.

It is most disgraceful and irresponsible of some people and I make specific reference to that of Norris Witter who ought to be more responsible in his remarks and behaviour, taking into consideration his present status in the community, encouraging the striking mini bus drivers to keep up the struggle. Well my friend, I personally do not see a struggle, all I can see, is you, like other opposition forces, like yourself struggling to keep yourself afloat - if you know what I mean.

My advice to all those Mini bus drivers/owners and those directly concerned - the best way to go about this is a meaningful dialogue with the competent authority. Have respect for the Police and those who are trying to make life more meaningful, not only for those that contribute to your weekly livelihood, but those who will one day contribute or who are presently contributing to your family and well being. I have not heard anything so far from the Opposition Parties regarding the spate of Mini bus accidents which have resulted is so many fatal accidents. Come on my friends, say something - not against the Police for GOD'S SAKE.