Let the big buses roll again To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
February 7, 2002

A few years ago, large Brazilian buses were brought into Guyana. That venture was however, vigorously opposed by some mini bus drivers who wanted to monopolise the Georgetown routes.

Eventually, Guyanese commuters were once again fully dependent on mini buses, which continue to operate recklessly and lawlessly. With the recent spate of the road carnage, it is imperative for Government to initiate steps to curb the wanton slaughter of our already sparse population.

High priority must be accorded to the reintroduction of buses, which increased seating capacities and roadworthiness.

Prospective private companies could be given incentives to invest in big buses. At the same time, other measures such as raising importation duties and limiting quotas per route on mini buses could be effective in ensuring that big buses are competitive.

Moreover, mini bus drivers must undergo mandatory driving courses on an annual basis. These courses should impress on the drivers, the catastrophic nature of road carnage, discipline, courtesy respect for traffic laws and the impact of the lass of skill on the society.

Police should also insist on the removal of smooth and defective tyres, which are definitely a contributory cause of road death. Nametags must be worn by all drivers making them easily identifiable. The media must adopt education and communicate the seriousness of callous disregard of traffic laws.

The relevant authorities need to take urgent steps now to halt the loss of Human Resources, particularly our youths who are expected to contribute to nation building. The desperation exhibited by some operators to need daily monetary targets has taken precedence over human safety on the roads in Guyana.