Agents provocateur To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
February 6, 2002

It is quite clear that Mark Benschop and C.N Sharma are playing the roles of agents provocateur to incite and promote fear, civil disobedience and strife to upset the peaceful existence of citizens and disrupt economic progress and development.

They have been put there to carry out these functions, which fit in with their own personal agendas to vent their spite and frustrations at not being able to obtain political power through the polls either by themselves or through those whom they support.

Both of them are so full of bile that they are willing to tear apart society, cause as much panic as possible and if they can, bring everything to a standstill to close the country down and make it ungovernable, the same declared aim of their paramount party the PNC/Reform.

What has been causing their bile to rise even higher is the many obvious successes the PPP/Civic has been achieving and in spite of some long-standing problems which were a part of the legacy left by the former administration, the PNC.

Sharma and Benschop and their partners in mischief do not want the achievements being made by the country to be credited, and quite rightly so, to the PPP/Civic government because of their pathological hatred of the present regime.

We must recognise the unholy motives of these two individuals and those others who encourage and support them in nefarious activities.

Let us seek to resolve our grievances and problems by legal and lawful means, which are always available to us and do not be mislead by those who are not really interested in our welfare in spite of Sharma’s well-publicised public relations campaign.