Road safety is a serious issue To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
February 6, 2002

If mini buses want to strike or rather wish to protest the police campaign against the use of `boom boom’ boxes, it’s their problem. However, when it comes to abusing persons not inclined to be a part of such strike action is way out of order.

A large number of persons protested the attack on C.N Sharma and expressed their feelings towards his attackers. In my opinion, mini bus drivers and conductors are behaving in the same manner when they are abusive to commuters.

Everyone has a democratic right to either be involved or not involved in strike action of any nature, while mini bus drivers or anyone else has no right to harass passengers as is reported in the daily newspapers.

I would want to think that they have forgotten who are the people paying the fares and who have loans to repay. They should never forget too the old adage `today for you, tomorrow for me’.

A little projection would reveal that approximately sixty percent of families in this country would have access to their own motor vehicle. This will greatly diminish the amount of persons travelling by public transportation in the next five years.

It would be wise then for them to make the best use of opportunities that present themselves at the moment and not go overboard with this `boom boom’ box issue.

Road Safety is very important, and we should make it our business (for our safety) to make sure that these rules are implemented. The Guyana Police Force (GPF) has made it clear that `all categories of vehicles’ are being targeted in their campaign, no one group is being marginalised.

All over the world, road safety is a serious issue and measures are always being looked at to reduce road accidents and improper use of roads. The use of a cell phone while driving was the latest being targeted, cell phone do not cause accidents, but they are a threat to safe driving. That is just one of many examples, I’ll assume you’ve gotten the picture.