Government and police must not budge To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
February 4, 2002

WE notice that the mini bus operators have embarked on protest action to register their opposition to the action of the Government and police against them.

The operations of the mini buses on our roads have left much tragedy and grief among many citizens of this fair land. Perhaps there is no Guyanese family who has not been plunged into irreversible agony due to the lawlessness of the mini buses. The list is much too long for a recital of the tragedies which have been inflicted on this nation by the insanity of these unconscionable purveyors of death. Suffice to say that each of us remembers the despair and anguish we suffered at the loss of our dear ones.

It seems however, that this long, dark night of lamentation and woe is at an end. Now the Government and the police have moved decisively to eliminate this menace from our society. This action is long overdue. The mini-bus operators had become a law unto themselves. No passenger dared to offer any word of caution, advice, warning, or rebuke to them. These commuters would suffer terrible humiliation and castigation from this unmindful recalcitrant. The tongue-lashing would be so severe that passengers eventually learned to keep their mouths shut.

Even the police were not above being abused by these upstarts. Many policemen have had to suffer grave embarrassment and derision at the hands (and mouths) of these uncouth people. The result was that even the police had given up on these civilised characters.

Now when action is being taken against them, they have resorted to with-holding their services from the public. The Government and police must not budge. Enforce the law rigourously against these scoundrels. We are fully behind the police on this issue. The mini-bus operators must not be given any concession. And if they insist on breaking the law, the police must shoot them so that they and their families can at least feel some of the pain that they have inflicted on, untold numbers of Guyanese citizens. Only in this way will order and discipline be restored on our roads.

On a related matter, I see C.N Sharma who, over the past several years, continuously ridiculed the police for their “supported” inaction especially over the traffic situation. Now suddenly, this same Mr. Sharma cares about the ordinary Guyanese citizen. As soon as any issue crops up that has a potential for anti-government propaganda, the first one to jump on the bandwagon is Mr. Sharma. He is not concerned about abandoning his previous constituency in favour of the latest opportunity at bashing the Government.

Interestingly also, where have the “Mothers-in-Black” disappeared? It seems that there is more potential for anti-Government publicity if they throw their weight behind the mini bus men.

The people are watching closely and they are sifting the grain from the chaff.
Jainandan Mahadeo