We cannot tolerate the annoyance To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
February 2, 2002

Mini-bus owners/operators seem to think that because something has been occurring for sometime it is Law.

How can that be?

I am referring to the additional amplified equipment, which are installed in minibuses much to the annoyance of the commuters.
I am so glad that the Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to address this problem.

Imagine traveling early in the morning to work or school and having to listen to lousy loud 'music' when there are children and senior citizens in the buses.

What are our children going to learn? Will they not think this form of music and the lyrics are acceptable.

There is another matter which is confusing me, how can these operators claim they cannot afford the steep fine for breaking the Law when on the other hand they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to install additional amplifying equipment to break the current Law. And they complain that they will have to spend additional limited revenue on installing seatbelts, which do not come with the buses, and then on the other hand, they spend far more on installing additional unnecessary instruments. Go figure!!! Returning to my original point, take them out; they did not come with the vehicles. If the operators want to listen to loud music let them do so at the expense of their own eardrums in the comfort of their own homes.

We the commuters can no longer tolerate this annoyance.
Sabrina Edwards