Install the tachometer To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
February 1, 2002

A noise pollution lover is like a smoker. He will fiercely defend his addiction just like a smoker. Although it is proven that noise pollution is a major cause for physical and mental health he persists that his carvings need to be satisfied despite the outfall. He will argue that when he is on a long journey the boom-boom boxes will keep him awake. Who in his sanity can support such an argument?

I like to offer a solution.

Every bus, small or big must have a Tachometer installed in the vehicle. A Tachometer, relatively inexpensive, is like a flight recorder in an airplane. It records in detail the way the vehicle was driven over a period of 24 hours. It records the day and time, when the vehicle was driven. It records every stop made and the speed and distance between every stop. The Tachometer works in conjunction with the break system and the speedometer and the radio-speaker installed. It measures to what degree the boom-boom boxes were played.

With little training every traffic policeman can read the recording document of the tachometer and if it shows infringements of the law he can take this recording to the courts as evident for prosecution.

This system is in operation in many countries. Its recording is accurate and it is obligatory for all drivers to have it installed and produce same on request by police or his employer.

There would be no more argument whether he stopped at the major road or whether he was speeding. The tachometer will tell it all.

Can you imagine a captain of an airplane objecting to a flight recorder? He canít! The new traffic laws should take care of the installation of a tachometer in every bus. Such regulation would certainly give the Mothers-in-Black, other road users and the passengers great comfort. The laws of Guyana are a guide to citizens, as to how to conduct him/herself. They are not oppressive, nor do they single out an individual or a group.