Implement the heavy fines To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
February 1, 2002

The problem of the way in which mini-bus owners/operators conduct their daily business is currently the prime focus of the Traffic Department.

This is an issue that has been constantly been addressed by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

With reference to the present mini-buses strike by some operators I would just like to bring to the public's attention a few facts which need urgent attention and consideration. Because it is up to all of us as Guyanese and users of the roads to educate ourselves about the real issues and what is right from wrong.

Firstly, the operators are claiming that the $30,000 which is a proposed fine for breaking certain (as they perceived) 'simple laws', is by far too high. But they fail to see why this fine is currently being sought.

It is because there is a current Law, which prohibits the use or installation of any additional amplified equipment that is currently ignored by these operators. Almost every bus entering the country is restructured to accommodate additional equipment to boost noise called music. This is a clear violation of the current Law.

Further, with the introduction of that Law, which carried a meager fine, operators violated it on a regular basis. Those of us who use this method of public transportation would regularly see operators treating the Law, against speeding and noise nuisance in particular, and the related fine as 'chicken feed' because it is so small.

Now if the Government implements the $30,000 fine for these offences, we will experience one of two things:

1. A great reduction in the assurances of these offences.

2. A total elimination of the offences.

Although the latter is impossible to achieve, we will see the former happening at a tremendous rate.

As a result the main objective of getting operators/owners to comply with the Law will be achieved.

This method of dealing with adults reminds me of back in the days when we were children, where parents had to be very harsh when we disobeyed certain orders so that we will obey the next time around. It is a pity it had to come to this stage but there is no other way. This new brand of Operators is quickly getting out of hand. We as Guyanese have to take back out country and stop them now.

As a result the Law has to be harsh since this seems tobe the only way these mini-bus operators will obey them.

The Minister of Home Affairs, through its Traffic Department must not be moved by this so call protest, instead they must at all times strive to uphold the Law. We the fed-up commuters are behind you.
Fanella Singh