Put an end to the boom-boom boxes To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
February 1, 2002

As a commuter who seldom sits in minibuses due to their culture of "noise" under the guise of entertainment, I am quite heartened over the recent decision taken by the police to clamp down on these noise nuisances once again.

The police have previously attempted to eradicate this societal menace but no sooner had their campaign taken off that the delinquent minibus operators clandestinely replaced the noise boxes in the buses.

Personal recollection constrains me to point out that most of those noise boxes serve, in my opinion, as a source of personal gratification for minibus drivers and conductors.

My argument is premised on the fact that the high volume remains high, or is even increased after passengers are lured and seated, and passengers who request that the music be turned down are totally ignored.

I can recall vividly an instance when I asked the conductor of the bus I was travelling in to lower the volume. Much to my disgust the conductor gave me the cold shoulder accompanied by dumb insolence, and was only too happy when I got off the bus.

Why must the travelling public be held to ransom by these callous minibus operators?
Why on earth would anyone wish to be loudly entertained on his/her way to and from work after perhaps a poor night's rest or a hard day's work?

Suffice it to say, the youths who are calling for the "boom boom boxes" are supposed to be our leaders of tomorrow. What a brawling future we would have.

The mini-bus drivers and conductors who are lobbying for the return to lawlessness through noise boxes pay thousands to install these apparatus.

Maybe they should think about saving towards seatbelts to protect themselves from themselves, since they are the ones who cause most of the road accidents of recent.

Drivers and conductors, we all have to work to eat and live, but I am a youth as well, but on behalf of the quieter travelling public please, no more noise.
C. Walcott