Mini-bus, Boom Boom and My Experiences To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
January 31, 2002

I watch with high interests the unfolding of the behaviour and actions of the Mini-bus Operators and their reluctance to comply with sensible, safe, driving and operating practices and laws.

When I visit Guyana I am forced to use the Mini-bus as my means of transportation because there are no Trains and other Buses. It is a nightmare for me because the buses are always speeding, 100 km, and they make frequent unsafe stops without checking for coming vehicles and those that are behind or following. During these stops the vehicles are always at an angle with their rears sticking out and on resuming their journeys, they do not make safety checks.

In other words they are the worst drivers I have seen and these drivers are of the opinion that driving fast is a skill. No wonder when an accident occurs the death toll is very high. On many trips I cautioned drivers on their unsafe and dangerous driving habits only to receive verbal abuses of the foulest language, Guyanese style.

I remember that on one of my trips to Georgetown a pregnant woman was in the front seat of the Mini-bus and the driver was weaving in and out, snake like, at high speed. I cautioned the driver reluctantly about his unsafe driving and drew his attention to the pregnant passenger in his front seat.

He stopped the mini-bus and asked me to get out, which I did.

On another trip, the music was very loud so I asked the driver to lower the volume because it was disturbing an old couple. He refused, so I turned it down myself. He stopped the bus and threatened to break my fingers. In the heat of the argument I took the key out of the ignition and threw it in the trench.

On another occasion, after observing the speeding, I asked the driver of the mini-bus if he had insurance to cover an accident and injuries to his passengers. I was told to mind my own business and that this was Guyana.

Lastly, it is the duty of the Police, Government and Traffic Department to protect passengers from unsafe and dangerous taxi drivers. A passenger pays for safe transportation and nothing else.

It is also my firm belief that injured passengers should sue the driver and Police Department, Traffic Department and the Government for allowing these Mini-bus drivers to operate their vehicles dangerously thus placing the passengers at great risks.