Will there be a Hoyte successor? To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
January 31, 2002

The Stabroek News of January 28, 2002, devoted almost two pages primarily designed at promoting the interests of the PNC/R. The writer of the long article, Mr. Patrick Denny, a known supporter did a clever job of deepening the controversy over the issue of a replacement for Desmond Hoyte. It is no secret that the incumbent leader is not desirous of relinquishing his position and will not agree for an official discussion on the issue. Mr. Denny’s ploy of creating confusion becomes clearly understood.

According to the article and if we are to believe the writer, Denny, top executives of the party would prefer to become leaderless, since they believe the number one priority of the party is crafting a programme to address the ills facing the nation and not leadership. This is another clever attempt at side tracking the issue of leadership.

Reference has also been made to a vague process of setting in train a cadre of leaders from whom Hoyte’s successor would be chosen. There is of course no provision for this kind of tinkering, this of course is another ploy of deferring serious discussion on the question of leadership.

There is also the question of whether new comers and political Neophytes in the persons of the reform element can become involved in the leadership tussle but here again, this dimension has been introduced to hoodwink the rank and file membership of the party.

Where does all of this leave Robert Corbin, the constitutionally provided logical successor and he has adopted a non-committal position on the issues a naturally prudent decision.

The real problem on this matter is that Hoyte is determined to hold on as leader and will not encourage serious dialogue on the matter. But this is in keeping with the motives for which the incumbent leader is well known.

Supporters and party members of the PNC/R will have to decide whether it is in the best interest of their party to abandon a diminishing leader and adopt a positive stand of identifying a younger dynamic and more acceptable candidate.
Frank Williams