More jobs needed To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
January 29, 2002

I AM worried when I see my fellow Guyanese attending the university or any other tertiary institution, trying their best to achieve their goals there with the solemn hope of getting a decent, high-paying job when their time spent there is over.

Unfortunately, I don't see it so for us teens that have finished school and would like to work in the private or public sector and attend a tertiary institution.

Parents and guardians pay a lot to send their children to school, for them to have an education with the hope of getting a good job when they're finished.

But jobs are hard to come by. So then they feel unqualified, they go to UG or somewhere else, they spend two or three or more years there hoping to get a job when they come out.

Again, this is not so. Persons have the qualifications, but the jobs are not available.

I am an example. I finished high school with grade ones and distinctions and up to now, two years later, I can't get a job. I applied numerous times to the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) without success.

I want to serve my country by giving back what was given to me, and I'm deprived of this.

Let more jobs become available to Guyanese who want to work.