Sacrifice could be done the following day To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
January 17, 2002

I would like to endorse the fact that Muslims conduct Eid of Sacrifice for three days throughout the world, based on the authentic Islamic Tradition, and as such there is no need to have the spiritual needs of Guyanese Muslims hijacked to some Interfaith Forum or placed for the President's dilemma and least the Minister's re-routing nor Journalists' mama guying!

Mostly, the Queenstown Mosque and the MYO if affected, will be affected logistically and as such the next day one can do one's sacrifice after all, it's all about sacrifice so why not make it practical for at least National Unity. The prayer itself is an hour the most and can be done the earliest after sunrise. The rest of the country sees this as blessing in disguise. This is not only about Abraham's Sacrifice but commemorating Cuffee, rahmatullah alihi, who fought successfully his Jihad against the Dutch Imperialists and won it on a day like today. So let us, the more moral high- grounded community, demonstrate to the world the true perspective of that Day by celebrating it with religious honour and National solidarity. A good chance to at least keep the weaker sections of the Eidul Adha community from indulging in illicit activities as it is something innate within them to observe strict standoffs on religious days.

Not speaking to the Muslims first is usually the Muslim's Leadership weakness and we have to realize their Qibla seems somewhere else otherwise they could simply have said to the Home Affairs Minister that there is really no clash since Eid is three days and as such we will conduct our Eid on such and such day when the Moon shows for Zil Hijjah. Why the masses have to be toyed around and have their Faith targeted thanks to the undemocratic trends of their organizations? They weren't put there for that, isn't it? But somehow, ironically, the people who fight singly at Ramadan for the ill-defined local sighting is adamant that Eid would be on the 23rd February even without the usual Muslim inshallah! That would be a "calculated position" isn't it?

What a political embarrassment, not for the world's fastest growing religion but beleaguered Mians and pseudo-Amirs especially when the President himself is in favour of broad-based consultation while our self-appointed Gurus of Muslim Public Affairs have forgotten the tenures of Shura and worst yet "ask the experts of Zikr if you do not know."

Sincerity is to let the more qualified professionals on any given field issue verdicts and advise even if the person in charge may have to be temporarily silent or seemingly embarrassed.

Remember Burnham treated the clash between Mash and Ash Wednesday with 'Ash Thursday' so these are not for Secularists to jurisdict, Alim Saheb.
Malcolm Ali
Islamic Scholar