More anti-speeding groups needed To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
January 17, 2002

GAP-WPA offers sincere sympathy to the relatives of all who have recently lost relatives in road accidents.

We also welcome the positive act of the residents of Ruby who have formed an anti-speeding organisation.

Wherever there is a community, with a main road passing through it, an anti-speeding group is necessary. The Traffic Department should have a repeating broadcast on speed limits on the state-owned radio. It should enforce speed limits.

Most effective will be the placing of humps, or sleeping policeman, on the roads, since the police force does not have the number of policemen, or enough equipment, for full time vigilance.

Since most drivers will not heed appeal to stop over -speeding, the department must make it physically impossible for them to over- speed.

The Traffic Department must announce how it will cooperate with members of an anti-speeding group and must give proof of this cooperation.

Our highways, without any traffic aids, are not up to highway standards.

The embankment road was made a two-way road without any added traffic signs or aids.

All support to Mothers in Black! This road rage is clearly dangerous to life.