Offenders have to be severely punished To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
January 17, 2002

It is amazing to access the Guyana newspapers every day on the Web, and to read with shock and dismay, over and over and over the same sad news of road fatalities, and no serious measure is put in place to stop the carnage.

The law has to be acted upon by the police, and people have to be severely punished for committing vehicular manslaughter, or else the carnage will continue. I lost an uncle back in 1974. Hit and run, no justice. I lost a brother-in-law in the same manner, but nothing was done.

The criminal is now living in New York. How did he get to leave the country is anybody's guess. The bribery has got to stop. That has become a way of live in Guyana and a culture, and the people who bribe officials need to be prosecuted as well. They are a sore to society and cause the police not to perform their duties professionally.

I would like to help, there is a solution, and I am willing to come to Guyana to implement a programme to help the general public and the entire Guyanese population. It will need the approval of the President, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Police department, and may be parliament, and cooperation of the Insurance Companies.

You see there is an expense to every thing, there is no free lunch, or people will not respect its value. The loss of life at a young age is an expensive loss. If one calculates its economic value based on life expectancy, time and annual income, this will be insignificant to pay for the cost of doing a programme on safety, traffic law and respect for other lives. I implore the President to use my services and let us implement a programme, and watch for the decline in road fatalities. This programme will cost the Government absolutely nothing, but a licensed driver, and this cost could be borne by his insurance company in the form of reimbursement, or a discount on Insurance.
The cost will be insignificant to the insurance company when compared with paying claims.
Ram Jodha,
A concerned overseas Guyanese