Call for professional assessment To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
January 16, 2002

One Ricardo Delph, writing in the Chronicle of January 13, claims to be amused by the turn out of GT&T staff at last weekís P.U.C. Hearing and considers it a naked attempt to pressure the Commission. There is nothing to be amused about.

Is there no one taking the workers of the Company into consideration, as almost everyone gets so actively involved in the game of political football with GT&T?

So much is being done that is obviously intended to undermine the Company and its ability to operate profitably. When decisions are being made that are clearly not based on considerations of economics and when the Company collapses as a result, what happens then to those of us who work there.

This letter is a sincere call to the Government, the Public Utilities Commission and the Consumers Associations to consider the human factor as they seek to address the GT&T issue.

Why is it that GT&T always has to fight for reasonable rates? The company always argues, quite reasonably I believe, that as in every other business, those who use goods or services must be prepared to pay the cost of having those goods or services provided to them. That is how business works. Thatís what happens with the other utilities in Guyana. Why must it be different with GT&T?

Denying the Company economic rates is denying the Company its right to be viable, it is denying the customers their rights to modernized services and it is denying employees the right to work for proper wages.

We are concerned about the negative implications for staffing. We are concerned about the welfare of the Guyanese staff who selflessly work day after day to maintain service for our Guyanese customers.

All we ask is that GT&Tís situation be given unbiased professional assessment.