Traffic law-breakers must feel the full force To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
January 16, 2002

The Ministry of Home Affairs through the Guyana Police Force has recently embarked upon a stringent campaign geared towards the reformation of our present traffic laws through consultations throughout Guyana. The realisation and implementation of these new traffic laws will see the new and stricter measures being placed on traffic law-breakers.

Currently, with the start of the New Year we have already seen a number of persons dying on our roadways. This can be attributed to speeding, which is a major traffic violation.

The President and the Minister of Home Affairs have both stated that they intend to address this matter of traffic violation with the utmost urgency since the ratio of road accidents is extremely high compared to our population.

This was further emphasised when Cabinet recently held a retreat and this matter was addressed. The end results saw the President and the Minister deciding on stringent plans, which will strengthen the Police Force and making it better equipped to deal with traffic offenders and general law-breakers.

The focus of the Ministry will be on training for its officers as well as improving the general facilities they have to use.

Firstly, the increase in training will aid greatly in the efficient enforcement of the laws through the use of better and modern scientific techniques.

The other greatly needed area, which requires strengthening in its capacity and capability, is the area of building and equipment. The Ministry is addressing facilities such as the radar gun, the introduction of new road traffic tickets as well as maintenance of the physical buildings for police stations.

The much-needed new traffic ticket, which is to be implemented, will deal with refining the method of process through which they are issued.

To accompany the new easy-to-use ticket system will be higher fines assigned to various traffic offences. The increase in fines for traffic offences is expected to greatly reduce the incidents of traffic violations in particular speeding on our roads.

Mr Minister of Home Affairs, this move is very welcomed. We need to regulate these reckless drivers (the public transportation system drivers in particular) who are killing our people, especially our children.