Corporal punishment should be outlawed To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
January 15, 2002

"y'all big an' stupid bully, fuh beat lil children whuh cyan do y'all nuttin, is only bully does do duh..."

This is probably the most sensible public statement so far on the "beating of children".

It is rather surprising that professional educators - teachers, psychologists, professors - and would-be educators are not debating the issue. It is rather surprising that an employee of the Ministry of Education sees no problem with beating because she is a Christian. Some know-it-all lay people also feel that flogging has done them well: "See what it's done for me. It can't be that bad." Well, tell it to the many others who are permanently scarred, not physically, but emotionally and psychologically. The learning experience cannot be accomplished in an environment of fear.

For my part, it is already passe. "Beating" children belongs to an era long gone. Only bullies and tyrants inflict such punishment. (Remember the beatings of slaves and indentured immigrants). It is cruel. It is a kind of savagery. It is sadistic. And it is done to cover-up our failure as parents and educators. We should read or re-read, "The Child is Right". Look for the real reasons. Do not take it on them!

Corporal punishment should be outlawed forthwith.
Gary Girdhari PhD, DipEd