Ball now in Kennard's court To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
January 12, 2002

Mr. Cecil Kennard who is the new Head of the Police Complaints Authority promises a whole new outlook and strategy in management of the authority.

This new dynamic leader should now be able to cause drastic changes in the general functioning of this body, which was perceived as dormant for the last decade since its commissioning in 1990.

The main function of this body is to receive complaints from the public at large and to further investigate them. These complaints are those made by the public against police officers relating to their conduct as officers of the law in the pursuit and execution of their duties. In other words, any misconduct by officers should be channelled to this authority for subsequent investigation and necessary action.

With the rebirth of this new body, we should now see a reduction in police misconduct and unrestrained actions since the new head promises vibrant, efficient and reliable service and subsequently prompt action from complaints received.

Other staff assigned to the authority should comprise of independent persons outside of the police force who have both the willingness and the ability to function in the said authority. They should also have a military or paramilitary bias since this will help greatly in their investigating skills.

The reformation and restructuring of this body should be seen as a good move by the Ministry of Home Affairs since the public will now be able to have their grievances heard and attended to in a timely and satisfying method.

Good luck Mr. Kennard, we are behind you and your staff for this move.