Youth is the answer To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
January 12, 2002

The abnormalities in our society did not happen overnight. These lay dormant and became noticeable when a leading politician assumed supreme power in his party. This personality, untrained in the art of hand politics and unmindful of the need to be philosophically guided, exploited to the fullest all the vested powers inherited in the founding leader and proceeded on a mad course of unchallenged rule, both at the party and governmental levels.

Being bereft of a philosophy and plainly out of depth, he found himself being looked at for leadership but in which direction posed a problem. Instinctively he turned to a readymade constituency and has since remained. This abnormality has since been entrenched in our body politics and today we are confronted with correcting what appears to be an embedded dilemma.

In certain quarters much is being made of ill-perceived statesmanship qualities now attributed to him but logically one is left to wonder, how can someone without credibility be considered in such elevated status.

The truth of this misguided conclusion must be faced and responsible Guyanese should speak up and be brutally frank in saying that we have had enough of this kind of caper.

What we need are young energetic bright sons and daughters with a desire to work hard to push this country forward as exemplified by our President Bharrat Jagdeo.