Things that bothered me
Guyana Chronicle
January 1, 2002

AS the year comes to a close, I wish to refer to a couple of things that bothered me during the year, and I write to initiate action by the authorities and/or comments from the public.

The American press reported recently that a lawyer who was suspected of using funds from a deceased person's estate which he converted to his own use had his licence suspended pending the determination of the enquiry. The effect of this is that he cannot practise as a lawyer. There was no constitutional action filed alleging violation of his rights.

In Guyana the Bar Council or the Legal Practitioners Committee has found two lawyers guilty of corrupt practices. A report has to be sent to the Chancellor of the Judiciary and she has to initiate action in the High Court for it to sit in public and discipline the lawyers. To date nothing has been done. Can the authorities throw some light, or do the Courts protect dishonest lawyers and let them loose on our gullible citizens.

Secondly, hundreds of thousands of plastic containers enter the country daily. Plastic is a non-biodegradable item that pollutes the atmosphere and the environment. Recently, we saw the Mayor and the President viewing the blocking of the drainage trenches with these bottles.

Recently, Banks DIH announced the release of two million plastic bottles per month in the country. I hope these will be properly taken care off.

What bothers me is the non-action of the Environmental Protection Agency with respect to the pollution of our country.

Can someone or some agency or authority do something about this? Or shall we continue to be the dumping ground for everyone's rubbish?
Fizul Bacchus