National Unity Concert planned

Stabroek News
April 13, 1998

The Guyana Reconcile Commission will stage a 'National Unity Concert' on May 2.

A release from the commission said that the event is expected to attract several international recording artistes and actors from India, Jamaica, Trinidad, Suriname, Barbados and Guyana. The organiser of the concert is Dennis Adonis, Guyanese recording consultant and promoter. The concert is intended to achieve several goals which include promoting racial harmony and integration through the inspiring and informative musical messages from the visiting artistic contingent.

Representatives of the various political parties are expected to deliver reconciliating, unifying and non political messages on the same platform, the release said.

The Guyana Reconcile Commission, a non-government body, was set up on February 10, this year to endorse and protect the course of economic normality and racial unity, which had been threatened by the aftermath of the December 15 general elections, the release said.