Juvenile sodomy report erroneous
- police

Stabroek News
December 25, 1999

The police have denied a Guyana Chronicle story dated December 10, entitled 'Sad story of young boy in the lock ups', which alleged that a juvenile offender in the Brickdam lock ups was constantly sodomised by adult prisoners.

In a press release, Public Relations Officer, Senior Superintendent, Ivelaw Whittaker, states: "although juveniles are kept in the same lockups complex as adults, they are placed in separate cells."

In addition, "the juvenile who was alleged to be sexually sodomised has given a statement in the presence of his mother, in which he denies ever having been sexually molested while in the Brickdam lock ups. Further the juvenile was medically examined by a government medical officer on Tuesday, December 14, at the Georgetown Hospital. The medical examination revealed no evidence to suggest that he was sexually assaulted. Other juveniles who were in the lock ups simultaneously with the boy ...were questioned and denied that any such incident occurred. Two neighbours living close to the lock ups were interviewed and though they refused to give written statements, indicated that they never heard any sounds of the sort coming from the lock ups."

The Guyana Chronicle reporter who wrote the story, Gwen Evelyn told Stabroek News that she stood by her article and intended to follow up the issue in the near future

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