Ramsay wins millennium logo, theme competition

Stabroek News
December 20, 1999

The $500,000 millennium logo and theme competition sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport has been won by accomplished Mashramani float and costume designer Bernard Ramsay.

The winner was announced by Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Gail Teixeira, at the launching of Mash 2000 on December 15 at the Umana Yana.

The competition which was open to all local advertising agencies at an attractive $250,000 cash prize for each category, was intended to develop a theme to be used on posters, printed stationery and other events in the millennium year, according to a release from Creative Advertising and Marketing Services Ltd., which is headed by Ramsay.

The logo features three stylized figures holding hands around the map of Guyana, a sunburst and a globe of the world.

The release stated that the figures depicted were symbolic of a unified nation holding firm together to protect and develop Guyana, with the sunburst symbolizing the spirit, energy and vitality of the people while the globe signified a developing global culture which aims to ensure unity in mankind.

The theme 'Sharing the future', the release said, was founded on the idea that working together as one would ensure that the country developed to something that all could enjoy.

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