Bisnauth urges students to inculcate self respect

Stabroek News
December 14, 1999

Education Minister, Dr Dale Bisnauth is calling on schoolchildren to care for themselves and their future and to respect themselves enough to apply the discipline necessary to benefit from the education system.

Delivering the main address at the Secondary Schools Reform Project Annual Awards Ceremony at the Umana Yana in Kingston on Friday last, Dr Bisnauth said that what the country needed from its young people was the capacity to also care for other people, the nation's development and to allow that care to influence the way they think. Commenting on the recent incident in which two students of St Rose's High School were caught on camera in a compromising position, Dr Bisnauth said: "if we need that care in the wider community we need it in the classroom."

The media, he said, made much of the incident. Referring to the expulsion of the male student Dr Bisnauth said that he would be much more fearful if the recalcitrant student was denied an education. "If he were to be denied an education and when he would have grown big and being without the inner restraint that one gets from education then I would be more fearful", he said.

He added that people tended to make decisions based on what was perceived to be the notion of discipline.

However, according to reliable sources from the school and the Georgetown Education Department, the male student was not expelled because of the sexual misconduct even though he and the female student had been caught previously in a similar situation. The source said that there were other serious complaints.

The first time the students were caught in a compromising position they were given community work to perform.

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