Remedial work starts on sea defences

Stabroek News
November 28, 1999

Remedial work to seal the breach at Vigilance, East Coast Demerara has begun with the construction of concrete reinforcements to strengthen weak areas along the seawall.

Work on the collapsed section of the wall has not yet commenced, with that area still open and vulnerable to attacks from the sea. Mike Lall, senior superintendent with the sea defence unit, had said that the gap in the wall would have been closed by this weekend.

Attempts to contact personnel of the sea defence unit for an update on the progress of works turned out to be unsuccessful.

When Stabroek News visited the area yesterday, there was a notable absence of any team of workers from the sea defence unit and apart from the work already completed the area seemed to be enjoying a period of tranquility.

Work on another site at the back of the cemetery on the Lusignan foreshore was in progress with a hymac in operation fortifying a section of the stone wall that exists at that location.

The breach at Cornelia Ida, this newspaper has been informed, seemed to be holding up following work done on Thursday to a weak section which gave way a week ago.

Recent high tides have over the last week or so wreaked havoc along the coast of Guyana sending crews from the sea defence unit scurrying to seal breaches up and down the coastline.

The unit comprises some 18 workers who operate in two gangs, which are finding it difficult to cope with the frequency of sea defence failures that have occurred recently.

The recent spring tide had also contributed to the collapse of a mud dam at Mosquito Hall, Mahaica. That breach was expected to have been sealed on Thursday.

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