Jagdeo renews call for unity

Stabroek News
November 7, 1999

President Bharrat Jagdeo, in a speech to the youths of Linden at the Palm Tree Cinema at Linden yesterday, said: "It pains me today to have to have a facilitator come here," to help the political parties talk to each other and added that the political situation in the country was "the single most important factor in negatively affecting investment and job creation."

Jagdeo said, to loud applause, "We don't have to fight the campaign every day," and that too much time was wasted in having to divert energies to issues "so non productive."

"When we go outside we are all Guyanese, said Jagdeo, "not African Guyanese, Indo Guyanese or Portuguese Guyanese." He urged the audience and the country "to love and care for each other and to "help me restore the pride in the flag of Guyana."

Jagdeo, when asked by a member of the audience about the chances of her getting a phone, replied that "GT&T is a private company. We are not satisfied with the performance of the company."

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