Cyberspace job agency zeroes in on Guyana

By Patrick Denny
Stabroek News
October 21, 1999

Individuals and companies in search of employment and employees respectively can now log-on to a new [please note: link provided by LOSP web site]--which promises to match labour demand and supply in six Caribbean countries including Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica. Categories include accounting, hotel operations, marketing and sales.

The website requires prospective employees to fill out an extensive questionnaire and curriculum vitae (CV) which for a fee of US$50 is posted on the website for three months. A qualified member of the specialised recruitment team makes contact with the applicant to process and verify information and then looks to match qualifications to positions posted by companies. Applicants have to give permission before their CVs are released to a potential employer.

The company, Qualitivity, based in St Maarten, stated in a press release that it is concentrating for the next two weeks on Guyana in an effort to establish a cyberspace job market here. The company sees the website as a partial answer to the 'brain drain' phenomenon which has seen many people not return to the region after higher education in foreign countries.

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