Depoliticise management to turn city's fortunes around -Jardim

Stabroek News
October 13, 1999

Georgetown is close to becoming "irretrievable" and depoliticising the management of the city may be the answer, head of the umbrella Private Sector Commission, George Jardim, said on Monday.

Addressing the business summit with President Bharrat Jagdeo at Le Meridien Pegasus Hotel, Jardim stated that the current arrangements in place for the country's capital were clearly not working. And while the fault may lie in many things, the continuous decline could not be ignored, he said.

"It may well be, for instance, that we need a completely different form of city government, free of the politics and managerial structure that seems to paralyze it and which would empower good people to do good things," said Jardim.

He said the government, businesses and social partners as well as every Guyanese must understand that if the country loses its capital city to "disorganisation, crime and anarchy" it will be impossible to attract investment or tourism.

Jardim said there would seem to be some scope for improvement in the new constitution which should depoliticize city government to some extent.

President Jagdeo, addressing the issue during his presentation, said his government was open minded on the issue but noted the need for political consensus before any changes were made.

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