Luncheon not 'dropped' - PPP

Stabroek News
August 13, 1999

The People's Progressive Party (PPP) says that Dr Roger Luncheon has not been "dropped" from its dialogue team.

The party in a statement yesterday was referring to a report in the Stabroek News [please note: link provided by LOSP web site] on Wednesday which dealt with the changes to the PPP dialogue team and which said that Dr Luncheon was "dropped".

The PPP statement yesterday said that the new team comprises members "free from heavy governmental responsibilities". It noted that both Dr Luncheon and Sports and Culture Minister, Gail Teixeira are heavily tasked with state responsibilities. It added that the PPP's current team reflects the new focus of the dialogue on political and inter-party matters.

The dialogue had bogged down for many weeks after a furore erupted over remarks that had been made by Dr Luncheon to his PNC counterpart, Dr Lance Carberry.

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