Citizens warned: Ask for cop's ID

Stabroek News
August 10, 1999

Citizens should demand to see the identification of police officers who approach them so as to curb the incidences of criminal elements posing as police officers.

Secretary to the Defence Board, Dr Roger Luncheon, said Home Affairs Minister, Ronald Gajraj, who briefs Cabinet at each meeting on the security situation has mentioned the recent ploy of criminals posing as police officers.

"Both the police commissioner and the Ministry of Home Affairs have jointly issued recommendations on the way this matter should be addressed and it essentially calls for the demand for identification of police officers who are engaged in any meaningful contact with members of the public," Luncheon stated.

He said the police force has pledged to ensure that all of its ranks are in possession of identification cards at all times and they were advised to provide these on request by members of the public.

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