Education Ministry awards $25M in upkeep/repair contracts

Stabroek News
July 19, 1999

General maintenance and rehabilitation works to the tune of $25M are expected to commence during the summer vacation on eleven Ministry of Education buildings around Georgetown.

A Guyana Information Services press release stated that this was made possible with the signing of contracts between the Ministry of Education and several contractors on July 14. Signing on behalf of the Ministry was Permanent Secretary, Hydar Ally.

The contract for the general rehabilitation of the Smyth Street Nursery School at the cost of $940,125 is to be undertaken by Carlton Ambrose Enterprise; while the contract valued $2,147,825 for the maintenance and rehabilitation of the GUIDE building in the Queen's College Compound has been given to Eric Bess.

The building of a six-foot concrete fence around the Cyril Potter College Compound valued at $7,650,480 has been awarded to Folber Construction Agency while the contract for the fencing of the UNESCO property was awarded to Dhanram Diaram for $1,811,513. The rehabilitation of the building will be done by Wilfred Rutherford at the cost of $651,600.

Kares Engineering received a $2,062,464 contract for works on the Ketley Primary School while the construction of a fence and revetment around the compound of St. George's School will be done by Compton Bess to the tune of $2,202,430. The Carmel Community High School and NCERD contracts were awarded to M. Short at $2,612,735 and $1,819,657 respectively. Repairs to one of the rooftops at the Carnegie School of Home Economics will be done by J. Tranquada for $2,418,560.

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