Youths sign insertion for reformed Constitution

Stabroek News
June 20, 1999

A total of 7,562 signatures gathered by youths in a campaign to insert a paragraph in the reformed Constitution was handed over to the Secretary of the Constitutional Reform Commission, Haslyn Parris, on Wednesday by a delegation of students.

The paragraph to be inserted in the Constitution reads: "The future of Guyana belongs to its young people who aspire to live in a safe society which respects their dignity, protects their rights, recognises their potential, listens to their voices, provides opportunities, ensures a healthy environment and encourages peoples of all races to live together in harmony and peace."

According to a release from the Forum on Constitutional Reform, the signature campaign was launched by Miss Guyana, Morvinia Sobers, and was open to students over the age of 14 years and under 25. It was initiated by a high school student and chosen as the best method for young people to participate in constitutional reform because everyone could be included in a process that took little time and was easy to understand.

Vocational schools and schools for children with disabilities participated along with high schools and youth groups from all parts of the coast.

The signature campaign was faced with several difficulties, including scepticism from a few teachers and students, as well as the strike which has prevented some forms from being returned, the release said.

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