Reeaz Khan calls on crime chief to resign

By Courtney Jones
Stabroek News
June 15, 1999

Managing Director of Reeaz Trading Enterprise Ltd, Reeaz Khan, is calling for the resignation of Deputy Commissioner, Law Enforcement, Floyd McDonald, for "consistent incompetence."

Khan, whose building was fired on by a 66 millimetre Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher just after midnight on Sunday, said the state-owned Guyana Chronicle had said that McDonald had visited the scene at about 10:30 am on Sunday.

"I do not know where they got that information from or whether McDonald himself had given them. As managing director of the store, I was there for the second time since around 6:20 am and I left at 6:45 pm and I certainly did not see the crime chief," Khan said.

He told Stabroek News that he felt that McDonald, had he visited the scene of the attack, would have spoken to him.

Khan said that when questioned by him members of his staff could not recall being spoken to by McDonald "or indeed even seeing him around."

"There were other senior officers like [Deputy Commissioner 'A' Division] Henry Greene, who were on the scene soon after the incident, acting like professional policemen, when I arrived. I certainly did not see McDonald and I am sure he was not on the scene, which as far as I am concerned is only further evidence of his all-round incompetence in handling crime detection in this country", Khan said.

Khan, whose business suffered extensive damage in the attack, said it has been clear for some time that McDonald was out of his depth in dealing with the crime situation in this country.

"If he does not go quietly he should be removed from the police force for consistent incompetence," Khan stressed.

He also slammed what he called the inability of the police to deal with the current situation on the streets, adding that they seem incapable of dealing with what he called the many incidents of lawlessness.

"This government has to take strong action now," Khan warned, adding that he was appealing to the police to "charge [GPSU President Patrick] Yarde and other executives of the union for arson and other offences."

Efforts to contact McDonald and Police Commissioner, Laurie Lewis, for a comment last night, proved futile.

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