Works of six Guyanese for Caribbean museum in Venezuela

Stabroek News
December 30, 2001

The works of six Guyanese artists were selected to illustrate aspects of Guyanese culture at an exhibition during the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) summit held recently on Margarita Island in Venezuela. A press release from the National Art Gallery said that the exhibition was entitled 'Popular Caribbean Culture'. The works chosen included three paintings 'Family Tree' by Philip Moore, 'The Newspaper Man' by Merlene Ellis, and 'Roti Making' by Maylene Duncan. A ceramic pot by Irene Gonsalves, a samaan wood and tibisiri sculpture titled 'Shamaan Mask' by Oswald Hussein and a batik textile titled 'Heritage' by Morag Williams were the other pieces sent to the exhibition. The release said that the pieces would remain in Venezuela as part of the exhibition collection to form the basis of a proposed museum of Caribbean culture.

CDID2A0.jpg - 72kb
'Shamaan Mask' by Oswald Hussein, 1999 samaan wood and tibisiri

CDIE275.jpg - 75kb
Merlene Ellis' 'The Newspaper Man', 2001 acrylic and mixed media (newsprint, plastic, metal and rubber)

CDI7095.jpg - 66kb
'Heritage', a Morag Williams dyed batik textile, 2001


CDIF2F1.jpg - 84kb
Philip Moore's 'Family Tree', 1989 acrylic on cardboard

Maylene Duncan's 'Roti Making', 2001 acrylic on canvas

A ceramic pot by Irene Gonsalves, 2001