Lad found chained to bed placed in orphanage
Stabroek News
December 8, 2001

The six-year-old boy [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] who was found shackled to a bed with a dog chain on Wednesday last has been placed in a city orphanage, according to an official at the Probation and Welfare Department of the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security.

According to the official the child would be counselled and all of his needs would be taken care of.

The official said it was highly unlikely that the child would be returned to his home at Kara Kara, Linden, but was unable to say what would eventually be done for him.

On Wednesday, the police after receiving a call from the headmistress of the school the child attended, swooped on the home and found the child shackled to the bed.

Stabroek News was told that the child's father bought a dog chain for $900 and decided to chain his son to keep him out of trouble.

The police arrested the man on Thursday but up to yesterday no charges were laid against him, according to the police Public Relations Office.

The ministry's official, when questioned, told this newspaper that the police could charge the father with a number of offences. Three of these are child neglect, child abuse and child endangerment.

The police on Thursday when contacted had said that the man would be charged with child abuse.