Xmas traffic plans in place
-Police Commissioner
Stabroek News
November 29, 2001

Police Commissioner Floyd McDonald says that the police intend to maintain law and order during the Christmas season and has bolstered its presence around the country.

One area of particular concern is traffic and while consultations are ongoing, arrangements have been put in place to deal with the increased numbers of vehicles on the roads for the festive season.

At a press conference hosted by Home Affairs minister Ronald Gajraj yesterday, McDonald said that with effect from November 15 the police have put in place special arrangements to deal with the anticipated increase in business activity throughout the country.

The arrangements would be there up to January 15.

Emphasis is being placed at the busy shopping areas and highways.

There are police ranks on beat duty and traffic control duty in areas including Georgetown, New Amsterdam, Corriverton and West Demerara.

"The objective is to ensure that citizens have the opportunity to go about their business without much hindrance, to properly regulate traffic arrangements, to minimise the incidence of crime and reduce the number of fatalities that sometimes accompany the festivities," McDonald said.

The police are also looking at placing more emphasis on beat duty patrols in the city and critical areas.

The police would be using bicycles and various types of transportation because it was felt that the use of vehicles alone would not properly address the crime problem.

Meanwhile, consultations on the traffic laws are continuing this weekend on the Essequibo Coast. Police officers were at Linden yesterday to meet with the public on the traffic laws.

McDonald said the responses to the consultations have been varied and added that some of the suggestions received were not consistent with the objective of the talks.

The commissioner took the opportunity to urge the media to chip in with some contributions to the amendment of traffic laws in Guyana to make them effective.

"The recommendations would be studied and as far as possible implemented to ensure that we have a more coordinated traffic control system in the country," the commissioner stated.

McDonald said he had visited a number of police stations in Georgetown, West Demerara, East Coast Demerara and West Berbice.

The objective was for the commissioner to familiarise himself with the conditions under which the ranks work and to discuss with them ways in which they could help to boost the image of the force.

He said he received a number of requests, including the need for transport and they were being addressed. Emphasis would be placed on repairs to the police stations next year, he stated.