Files on Albion police and BASS shooting deaths soon completed
- Gajraj
Stabroek News
November 10, 2001

Home Affairs Minister, Ronald Gajraj yesterday said that the investigations into the Albion police shooting and the shooting to death of several persons at Skeldon by members of the Berbice Anti- Smuggling Squad (BASS) were almost completed.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday at his Brickdam ministry, Gajraj said that after the investigations, the files would be completed and sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for instructions.

Earlier this year Albion residents were involved in a massive protest over the perceived ineffectiveness of the officers at the Albion Police Station. The protest became violent when the residents besieged the station and one man was shot dead by police ranks.

And shortly after that residents of Skeldon were outraged over the shooting death of the infamous Azad Bacchus, and two teenagers, one of whom was his son. The men were shot to death by BASS members and this resulted in residents being involved in protest action outside the BASS building. The protest action ended after persons were shot to death. Others were killed when the ambulance transporting those injured in the shooting became involved in an accident.

The minister said that in another week or two the files will be completed on the case.

In the case of the killings on the East Coast Demerara, where a man, his son and another man were found shot to death, the minister said that while investigations are continuing, he could not say at what stage they are.