West Coast couple chopped, robbed by bandits
Lack of electricity emboldening criminals
Stabroek News
October 9, 2001

The absence of electricity may have aided bandits who attacked the home of a West Coast Demerara couple two Sundays ago and brutalised them.

Ramnauth Ramdhan, 50, and his wife Gangadai, 44, received several lashes and chops when three armed and masked men entered their home after the couple had retired for the evening.

Relating the harrowing experience, Gangadai, still showing effects of the vicious attack, told Stabroek News yesterday that their home was violated when the men broke several louvres at the front of the building.

Once inside, the trio entered the couple's bedroom and demanded money and jewellery as they administered blows to the couple.

While subduing her husband on the floor, they threatened further violence if the wife refused to cooperate.

As they ransacked the couple's home, the bandits smashed a wardrobe mirror and dealt many chops to Ramdhan's face and shoulder which required stitches.

As their ordeal continued, Ramdhan was taken on to the verandah while his wife was kept in the house where she was again threatened.

According to the woman, almost an hour had elapsed before her husband, in spite being injured, managed to fight off the men holding him hostage and began shouting for help as the bandits escaped.

However, before they departed, the men took $5,000 which had been the woman's takings from a small shop she operated on their premises. The men also carried away some cigarettes and drinks as they scampered off.

The woman stated that it was the fourth time that bandits had attacked their neighbourhood and the lack of electricity appears to have emboldened them.

She also said that several persons had built structures in the area but had not occupied them so criminal elements are now utilising these as hideouts until nightfall before attacking residents.

The woman also related how a family after being attacked last year had moved out of the area and rented their property because of fear.

Residents, especially those with children, she stated, are extremely concerned for their safety.

Since the robbery, the couple has been having sleepless nights as they take turns to be on the look-out while others in the community act as vigilantes.