More fans put in Georgetown Hospital's children's ward

Stabroek News
July 3, 2001

There was a marked difference on Sunday in the children's ward in the George-town Public Hospital which was cool compared to the furnace-like condition which had existed previously.

The change was mostly due to the number of new fans that were installed in the ward and perhaps also because the day was generally cool.

Last week, Stabroek News had carried a report in which concern was expressed over the oppressive heat in the ward and the overcrowding which some felt had contributed to several preventable deaths.

In three cases, a bacterial infection was found to be a contributory factor in the deaths.

Medical Superintendent of the Hospital, Dr Madan Rambarran, had told this newspaper that steps would be taken to improve the conditions but had said there is no evidence that the bacterial infection detected in the area resulted in any deaths.

He had said that plans are afoot to address the issue by creating vents in the skylights which will aid in getting the hot air out and cool air in.

The fans more than doubled the previous number of eight in the ward. It was noticed that there was a fan over most of the beds but the ventilation problem still needs to be addressed.

Sources had told this newspaper that a number of things were promised for the ward which was relocated last April but since the move nothing was done.

Children were seen in a more relaxed mood on Sunday. While the number of patients is small, the beds are still too close to each other.