Fogarty's offering Internet shopping

Stabroek News
June 22, 2001

Wishing you could go shopping in the U.S.? Well, the Laparkan Group of Companies is now providing local customers with the opportunity to shop via the Internet in the United States with the launching last Friday of the Fogarty's Internet Shopping (FIS) service.

According to a press release from the Laparkan Marketing Department, the new service, located on the Middle Floor of the department store, is "faster than any other service in Guyana with unlimited, uninterrupted and easy access to foreign web sites."

A network of personnel experienced in merchandising, shipping and freight handling in and out of Guyana will offer customers a menu of services which include Air and Sea cargo, Door-to-Door Delivery, Private Mail Box (PMB) and Air Express, the release stated.

Customers with PMBs in the U.S. can have their boxes cleared and contents sent to Guyana and delivered to their local address, whilst persons without a PMB can have one for a small fee.

FIS can be reached on telephone numbers 227-0474 or 225-7692 and by e-mail:, the release added.