Man who died in Aurora lock-ups suffered fractured skull
Father alleges police brutality

By Daniel DaCosta
Stabroek News
June 14, 2001

The 29-year-old labourer, Rocky Anthony Brunoanish, who died in the lock-ups at the Aurora Police Station over the weekend, suffered a fractured skull and haemorrhage to the brain.

The deceased's father on Tuesday told Stabroek News by telephone that he witnessed the post-mortem on his son's body and was informed by the pathologist that his son died as a result of the fractured skull and haemorrhage due to a hard hit.

Meanwhile, family members are calling for an enquiry into the death of the man who was due to marry next month.

Brunoanish of Middlesex, Essequibo Coast, was taken into police custody after he was involved in a fight with another man about a year ago. Both men were charged and because of the absence of the other man and the case being deferred, Brunoanish stopped attending court.

When the case was called recently, the new magistrate presiding issued a warrant for the two men. Brunoanish was taken into custody last Wednesday. He died on Saturday. Prior to his death he had complained of feeling unwell and had asked for medical attention but died without receiving any.

The senior Brunoanish feels that his son was a victim of police brutality. He said that persons who were at the school next door can attest to seeing blood seeping through the lock-ups on Saturday. Despite repeated attempts, police officials at the Aurora lock-ups could not be contacted by Stabroek News for comment.

The father, who lives in the city said that he was told on Sunday that his son had died. He travelled to Middlesex immediately.

On Monday, he asked the police for his son's pants and shirt that he wore on the day of his death. He claims that at first the police did not want to give up his son's clothing. He said his son's pants were blood soaked.

He added that though his son died on Saturday the family learnt of his demise the following day when his brother took some food for him in the lock-ups. At the time the police refused to allow his brother to see the body.

In recent months, at least two other persons have died while in police custody. One of the deaths, that of Mohamed Shafeek is currently the subject of an inquiry in the Georgetown Magistrate's Court.