Teacher on $10,000 bail

Stabroek News
June 13, 2001

The teacher who was taken into police custody on Sunday for flogging and injuring nine-year-old Nickesha Garraway, a pupil of Lodge/Enterprise Primary school, was released on $10,000 station bail on Monday evening.

The female teacher, who was taken into custody, eleven days after the incident occurred, flogged Nickesha with a bamboo rod which resulted in a fractured clavicle (collar bone).

The teacher was taken into police custdy on Sunday morning.

The police yesterday could not say if and when charges will be laid but said that investigations were continuing. Statements were also to be taken from others connected with the case. The teacher, who has been at the school for almost three decades, has been asked to report to the station regularly.

Nickesha's injury was discovered by the child's mother after she developed a high fever and she slumped on the left shoulder.