Buxton, Enterprise among areas for rehabilitation
Jagdeo, Hoyte to brief committees today

Stabroek News
May 15, 2001

President Bharrat Jagdeo and PNC REFORM leader Desmond Hoyte yesterday announced the areas where rehabilitation works are to be expedited.

A joint statement issued by the two leaders named the areas as Buxton, East Coast Demerara (ECD); Non Pariel/Enterprise, ECD; De Kinderen, West Coast Demerara (WCD) and Meten-Meer-Zorg, WCD. They had agreed at an earlier meeting that they would have identified some areas where rehabilitation works would begin at an early date.

The statement also announced that the President and Hoyte had agreed on the terms of reference (TOR) for the various committees which have been set up to look at specific issues. The leaders will brief the committees on their assignments at the Office of the President at 2:00 pm today and the chairpersons of the committees would also be announced at the same time.

The statement said that the committees would be expected to begin their work tomorrow. The TOR and the composition of the committees were established in meetings between Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Reepu Daman Persaud and PNC/R chairman, Robert Corbin, and were approved by President Jagdeo and Hoyte.

The committees and their members are:
1. Local Government Reform
Clinton Collymore, minister in the Ministry of Local Government;
Vincent Alexander, vice-chairman, PNC/R;
Basil Williams, attorney-at-law and PNC/R candidate at March 19, elections;
Pulandar Kandhi, permanent secretary, Local Government Ministry;
Theo Earle, former commissioner of lands;
LLewelyn John, attorney-at-law;
Khemraj Rai, economist, Ministry of Finance and chairman of the Basic Needs Trust Fund.
2. Border and National Security Issues including Recapitalisation of the Army.
Ralph Ramkarran, SC, speaker of the National Assembly;
David Granger, former brigadier, Guyana Defence Force and former National Security adviser;
Dr Mark Kirton, dean of Social Sciences, University of Guyana (UG) and PNC/R candidate at March 19, elections;
Dr Roger Luncheon, head of the Presidential Secretariat and secretary to the Defence Board;
Dr Henry Jeffrey, minister of Education;
Brigadier General Michael Atherly, chief-of-staff, Guyana Defence Force;
Peter Ramsaroop, PNC/R candidate at the March 19, elections.
Raphael Trotman is the alternate for Ramsaroop.
3.National Policy on Distribution of Land and House Lots
Shaik Baksh, minister of Housing and Water;
Stanley Ming, PNC/R parliamentarian;
Joseph Hamilton, PNC/R general council member;
Myrna Peterkin, PNC/R parliamentarian;
Andrew Bishop, former chairman of the Forestry Commission;
Philomena Sahoye-Shury, PPP/C parliamentarian;
Ali Baksh, chairman, Regional Democratic Council, Region Three (West Demerara/Essequibo Islands).
4.Bauxite Resuscitation
Lance Carberry, PNC/R parliamentarian and chief whip;
Kim Kissoon, former chairman, Linden Mining Enterprise;
Dr Clive Thomas, head, Institute of Development Studies, UG;
Herman Rohlehr, mining engineer;
Ron Webster, Caribbean Containers Inc;
Robeson Benn, chairman, Guyana Geology and Mines Commission;
Odinga Lumumba, mining engineer, PPP/C parliamentarian and ministerial adviser on empowerment.
Claude Saul, former chief executive officer (CEO), Guyana National Industrial Corporation and former deputy CEO, Guyana Mining Company is the alternate for Rohlehr.
5.Distressed Community Needs
Philip Allsop, consultant engineer;
Philomena Sahoye-Shury;
Theo Earle;
Clyde Roopchand, chief planner, State Planning Secretariat;
James McAllister, PNC parliamentarian and Region Three PNC/R chairman;
F. Jafarally, youth representative on the Constitution Reform Commission;
Bert Carter, engineer;
Urmia Johnson, former PNC assistant general secretary and minister; Harry Narine Nawbatt, head, SIMAP;
Odinga Lumumba.
Clement Johnson is the alternate for Urmia Johnson.
6.Radio Monopoly and Non Partisan Boards
Clement Rohee, minister of Foreign Trade and International Cooperation and PPP executive committee member;
Deryck Bernard, PNC/R parliamentarian and former education minister;
Sherwood Lowe, PNC/R general council member and UG lecturer;
Dr Prem Misir, permanent secretary, Information Ministry and board chairman Guyana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC);
Enrico Woolford, broadcaster and former president, Guyana Press Association;
Ron Case, former GBC chief engineer;
Roysdale Forde, attorney-at-law;
Gail Teixeira, minister of Culture, Youth and Sport and PPP executive committee member;
Dr Bheri Ramsarran, PPP/Civic parliamentarian;
Khemraj Ramjattan, attorney-at-law and PPP/C parliamentarian.