Burnt mattress, cellular phone among leads

Stabroek News
May 10, 2001

A 15-year-old is among the persons arrested in connection with the brutal murder of 32-year-old Lois-Nicole Hohenkirk, whose battered body was discovered by some children in a clump of bushes in the Campbellville Housing Scheme late Saturday evening.

Stabroek News understands that the lad is the brother of one of the men in custody and that their mother was also assisting in the investigation. It was learnt that the two lived just a few yards away from where the woman's body was found.

According to reports, the lad had taken the police to their home where he showed them a cellular phone which belonged to the dead woman and which had been hidden in the house. Thirty thousand dollars, which the woman had in her possession at the time of her death, was also handed over to the law officers.

Other reports revealed that the woman's handbag was found a few yards from where her body was found.

The latest development was the discovery of a burnt mattress suspected to have belonged to one of the men. From indications the burnt mattress had been saturated with blood. It was burnt right in front of the home of the men. One theory was that the woman might have been murdered in the home, before her body was dragged to the clump of bushes and covered with the remains of an old chair.

This newspaper also understands that a fifth man, who was being sought by the police had since turned himself in, accompanied by a lawyer. The other person assisting the police in their investigation is a friend of the woman, whom she usually visited.

The woman's body was found clad in a brown armless jersey and black underwear. Marks of violence were evident about the face and neck.

Hohenkirk lived at 52 Louisa Row and was a teacher at the Alpha Bees Play School in Oronoque Street.

The young woman had left her home on Friday evening and after she did not return home her family became worried. Upon hearing of the discovery of a female's body the family became suspicious as they knew she had visited the Campbellville area. They later identified the woman's body.

The police are continuing their investigation.