Line must be drawn between freedom and license

Stabroek News
April 15, 2001

In the wake of the present unrest in the country following March 19's general election, Mayor Hamilton Green has called for a line to be drawn between freedom and license.

In his weekly mayoral report the mayor spoke about Monday's and Thursday's fires which were a loss to many citizens.

He publicly acknowledge the gallant work done by many of the young men from the Tiger Bay area, who helped the fire brigade during Thursday's fire.

The report said that every time there is "this wanton loss of property, we are all the losers - loss of jobs, loss of investments, loss of taxes, damage o our image, in circumstances, where, we of the Mayor and City Council, must spend money to repair the damage done as a result of these fires."

The mayor feels that more responsible citizens need to interact with these young people in order to wean them away from the evil, folly, hatred and misinformation being dispensed so freely by a certain demented, demonic talk show host and others.

The mayor disclosed that a meeting was scheduled with the vendors, stall holders and other stakeholders in the Stabroek Market for Tuesday afternoon to discuss the rehabilitation of the said market and the said talk-show host urged vendors those persons not to attend the meeting with the mayor.

"It is at this point; I say we need urgently to draw a line no matter how thin between freedom and license," the mayor said.

He said that one must be careful not to manipulate innocent people with genuine concerns and not to ask them to do things against their own best interest. He feels that when civil society, responsible leaders on both sides of it divide stay silent the country is heading for trouble.

The mayor is also admonishing persons to stop brutalizing the city and to stop deceiving people.

"When an attempt is made to burn our most historic, the tallest wooden building in the world - the St George's Cathedral, I can only recall Mark Anthony- 'O Judgement, thou art fled to brutish beats and man have lost their reason'". the mayor said.

He also urged all media to seek after the truth.

Citizens could see the mayor every Thursday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm to report on matters affecting their communities.